100,000+ icons, illustrations, emojis and increasing weekly ⚡️

5,600 Free vector icons, illustrations, and emojis.

Free but not Cheap.🤘
Designed by our 'Streamline' professional team of 7 designers. We have more than 10 years of experience creating high-quality icons, illustrations and emoji.

1,000 UI Line Icons

All the essential vector icons for UI design.


1450 Streamline Flex Icons

Smooth and curved style with only 2 colors to adapt.


500 Streamline Flat Icons

Highly legible and works great on dark backgrounds.


150 Covid Icons

All health icons to fight the Covid pandemic.


45 Nasty Icons

Cover your kids eyes, these icons are really nasty! 😱


150 Illustrations Bundle

Handpicked illustrations from our favorite sets.


1300 Kawai Emojis

So cute that it can make you cry. 🌈


780 Freemoji

787 vector emojis. Highly legible, easy to customize.


107 The Team Stickers

Spice up your for Slack or Discord chats!


116 Zoo Office Stickers

Spice up your for Slack or Discord chats!


Comes with (free) superpower features⚡

Export as vectors

Export free icons or illustrations as SVG, PNG or PDF vector files, so they are easily customizable and looks perfectly crisp at any size.

Customize colors

Save your brand colors palette. Adjust colors for individual assets or entire sets in 1 click. Input either as HEX, RGB or CSS format.

Resize to your needs

Automatically resize every icon, illustration or emoji in a set to the exact size you'd like, from 1px to 4096px.

Create your collections

Create an unlimited number of 'Collections', save icons and illustrations in it, and share them with your customers or team.

Copy & Paste vectors ⚡️

Don't waste time downloading and adding assets from your hard drive to your projects. Simply copy & paste vectors into Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD!

Modify global Colors

Change colors for an entire set of illustrations or icons. Great to quickly adapt our assets to your branding colors.

Best suited for creators.

Streamline was created to enhance any project you're working on. Doesn't matter if it's a website, a mobile app, or a slide deck... Our vector icons and illustrations suit all your needs.

Mobile apps

The new bold Streamline style works amazingly well for mobile apps. The style was largely inspired by the latest iOS icons guidelines, which feature nice bold shapes for optimal legibility. The grid of line icons at the top of this example are regular weight and the tab bar is using bold weight.


Thousands of designers, developers and companies use our icons and illustrations to give a consistent and professional look to their websites. Our icons and illustrations are easy to adapt to your branding colors, right from the Streamline app.

product onboarding

Give your users a first great impression. We have the largest collections of illustrations on the market, so you will find the right ones to illustrate your onboarding screens.


Our icons are perfect for your app navigation: consistent, legible and easily adaptable. You can even pair them with our large illustrations sets, we got all the themes represented to make your app looks friendly and unique.

graphic design

All our illustrations are made with vectors, so you can enlarge them to the largest size while keeping a perfect quality. They are lightweight and easy to customize to your publications colors.

Apple Watch apps

When you're designing interfaces, every single pixel matters. This is especially true when designing for tiny wearable screens. With our professional icons you can be certain that each little vector shape has been fine-tuned for maximum value.


Our illustrations sets include the most common themes used by makers, Saas, startups and companies. So you will find all the themes and subjects that you need for a convincing and memorable presentation.

What is Streamline?

The best graphic assets for makers.

Since 2010, we have produced the best design assets for developers, designers and makers. We are famous for our Streamline Icons, vector illustrations,  and Emojis. Streamline focuses on quality of design and yet makes the largest sets you’ll find on the damn internet.

Our vector assets are used by thousands of makers, agencies and large teams in their projects.

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